In this time of global uncertainty, the safety and well-being of our customers, employees, and community is our top priority. Over the many years we have been selling films via our online store, we’ve earned the trust of our customers to deliver exceptional value for their money. As our business has grown, so has our community.

All of us at Instant Films UK are disturbed by the news reports of price gouging taking place on the marketplace platforms via third-party sellers. Hygiene supplies are something the community needs more than ever. It is extremely important that affordable and ample inventory is available to all. Hoarding will not help us all overcome this challenge.

As a company we have made the decision to purchase and supply our employees with the hygiene supplies they need. And where possible (when the inventory allows us to) we have decided to make any excess inventory we can secure available to our customers who may be struggling to find a reliable and affordable source. As long as this global pandemic exists, we’ll try our best to keep these items in stock and will continually try to secure lower prices for you. We know it’s not much, but if we all work together in our own small way — we will get through this together.